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Super bummed about the Belly Up ticket sale that went down today. Myself and 7 friends were still riding the wave from the Detroit show, and Red rocks earlier this year. When I saw this morning that Clay and Harrison would be playing at belly up again I knew I couldn't miss it!! I was there for the last show two years ago, and the No Sleep after party which was ridiculous. Getting to see them in a venue this small again was a dream come true! Unfortunately within seconds of 4pm, none of us, all 7 trying to purchase, were able to get tickets. Internet bots I suppose?? So upset and let down...I'm sure they didn't want it to go down that way but what can you do?

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Kayla Parker
11 months

Yeah I feel ya. I tried so hard to get tickets and it was impossible. It’s super frustrating, especially when there are bundles of 1-6 tickets together on stubhub for over $300. I really hope the venue or C+H step in to help.

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Brittany Hall
11 months

I feel like in the past they’ve done a good job getting those bot purchased tickets into the hands of their actual fans. Hoping for you this is the case!