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2018 A Moment Apart Tour

Pre-sale Tuesday 12.05 at 10am local time with password: APART
Pre-sale for Citi Cardmembers 12.05 at 10am local time with Citi credit card.

Tour dates at http://odesza.com/shows

02.02 – Laneway Festival Adelaide
02.03 – Laneway Festival Melbourne
02.04 – Laneway Festival Sydney
02.10 – Laneway Festival Brisbane
02.11 – Laneway Festival Fremantle
03.31 – Seattle, WA
04.05 - 04.09 – SnowBombing Canada Festival
04.25 – Kansas City, MO
04.26 – St. Louis, MO
04.28 – Indianapolis, IN
05.03 – Pittsburgh, PA
05.04 – Cleveland, OH
05.05 – Cincinnati, OH
05.09 – Raleigh, NC
05.10 – Charlotte, NC
05.11 – Louisville, KY
05.12 – Nashville, TN
05.16 – Jacksonville, FL
05.17 – Orlando, FL
05.18 – Miami, FL
05.20 – Hangout Music Festival

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Natalie Ngonela
9 months

Best Tour. Best Music. Best Musicians. Best album. ODESZA ❤

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Juani Mendizábal Choy
10 months

Does anyone know which song is playing in the video??

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Alejandro Tobón
11 months

Yessss you're doing Miami. Finally 😃

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11 months

Finally, Miami. I can go to a concert

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Frank Havlice
11 months

God damn. Come to Houston.

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Andrew Jones
11 months


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11 months

where are the SF and LA dates tho

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11 months

It looks like only meet and greet in Miami and Seattle... the VIP experience for every where else is lack luster. No meet and greet, no early access, etc....

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Sara Coello
11 months

Come to Mexico, please

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11 months

It is nowhere near red rocks, but I’m
pumped to see Odesza at the Iroquois Amphitheater on 5/11 & then again for Hangout! Ahhh Odesza twice in to weeks...

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11 months


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Savanna Daisy
11 months


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11 months

Thank the Lord for adding more!!! I was starting to get withdrawals!! Indiana here we come!!

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11 months

Dallas really needs A Moment Apart...

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Lainie Fette
11 months

yessss omg can't wait !!!

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11 months

I hate to be a total pain in the ass, but are there meet 'n greet packages available for Miami?! 😍

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11 months

I was just filling out my vacation for next year. how'd you guys know..........

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Joel R Olivares
11 months

Come to Dallas 😭😭😭

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11 months

3 dates in FL!!!! So thankful!

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11 months

Red rocks?