It is strange how everyone is covering Paris bombings but not a single foreign person or community in social media ever mentioned a plane crash where 224 of my fellow citizens died
This is just not fair. My thoughts are with Parisians anyway

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over 5 years

Dear Mashface, please don't feel like people "didn't care" about those who'd lost their lives in that horrible crash. Any time a fellow human suffers, any NORMAL person hurts..because we are all part of ONE group - the humanity- and we DO feel the pain of others regardless of their nationality, race, religion, or any other affiliation. Just consider the fact that people didn't have this app when the plane crash happened. I'm sure that this amazing group of people would send out the love if they had a chance. So please don't feel left out in any way, we are all together both in pain and in happy times. đź’—

over 5 years

It's hypocrisy - an everyday display of human behaviour.

Such behaviour had started ever since the human began discriminating the more intelligent people with the less intelligent people. Discrimination of the rich and poor. Groups and then communities were formed. A set of people began to favour one community over the other. This was sure to bring the perpetual conflict between the humans. A certain group of people started wondering - how can we solve this dilemma? The answer came in the form of fellow feeling which is another name of morality.

Sure the incidents of Paris and Russian plane crash are grossly unjust. The people who died in Russian plane and the bomb blasts in Lebanese. Do these people have no human values as to how the Paris is getting the exposure in the form the twitter and facebook. Are not these people hypocrites?