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Odesza flag my girl & I made for Hulaween! ✨ Such an amazing show at such an intimate venue 💕

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about 3 years

This is amazing

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about 3 years

Thanks everyone!!! :) We made it using a black canvas and glow in the dark fabric spray paint & paint!

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about 3 years

Damnn how's you make this it's amazing

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about 3 years

How'd you make this??!!

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about 3 years

I went to hulaween. There performance was amazing so many good vibes

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about 3 years

Oh wow, this is wicked!! How did you guys make this?

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about 3 years

Odesza was amazing that night! The amphitheater stage was the perfect setting for their set. The night was magical with such an immense feeling of LOVE that you felt at your core! ❤️

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about 3 years

I want to say I saw this at Hulaween?