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So did anyone have any luck getting tix for Friday, Red Rocks?

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9 months

Just a regular guy here, I got tickets for Friday. I logged into the waiting room portal 5 minutes beforehand. Already logged into my AXS account, credit card number copied to clipboard. And I was lucky enough to be chosen. But I know what it's like to be on the losing end of the lottery

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9 months


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Skylar Roberts
9 months

I was able to get some I was using like 10 different devices and only was able to get 2 on one device

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9 months

What are scalpers?

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9 months

I got 4 vip reserved seats

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Kate Mazurok
9 months


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9 months

I haven't talked to a single person that was able to get tickets...these scalpers are ridiculous

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Leticia Chalupa
9 months

Pretty sure the scalpers got them all.... like 6 of my friends tried and no one got them. In The odesza family group a lot of people didn't get them either!