Odesza I want to thank you for creating frequencies that truly feel like human emotions channeling themselves through sonic beats. Like others have said, your music connects people in amazingly positive ways. My incredible girlfriend and I have been lucky enough to see you twice recently. Last week in Melbourne at the end of your show, surrounded by the chaos of smiley happy people I asked her to marry me. We celebrated the next day with love ink. Thank you for providing the perfect moment 🙏

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Eman Paints
over 2 years


Natalie Ngonela
over 2 years

Ncawwwwww!!!!! Congrats! ODESZA is definitely the perfect place to propose to someone. They just have a way with setting the perfect mood for any occasion. I'm getting one in the exact same spot when I turn 21 and I can't wait! 👏❤😭😍

over 2 years

I’m going to the shop tomorrow to see about getting mine on my upper back. :)

over 2 years

I want this tattoo in that exact spot! Looks great.