I just wanted to point out how emotional and how powerful this music really is. Never before in my life have I been so moved by Music. I’m in to every genre. I listen to almost every kind. Yet no matter what I find, I will always come back to ODESZA. The true power and love and pain and joy that is expressed through this intricate type of music.. it’s awe inspiring.
I’ve been listening to this Duo since 2013. I’m a hometown proud Seattle fan. The music you guys make is just truly inspiring. I can’t say that enough. No matter what you touch it turns to gold. Congratulations on getting in the top 10 spot on Billboard. Proud of you guys and I can’t wait to see where else you guys go.

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Jackie Cherkas
10 months

Just yes.

10 months

I completely feel you when I read this. I am so moved just by their melodies, because each has their own personality and story, and it’s incredible to me. When I lose sight of what’s going on in the world, their music actually heals me. It’s such a beautiful thing. They really have changed me ⚡️