Sept. 21 - 23, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

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over 1 year

made my boyfriend fall in love with you guys at Coachella and we are so excited to see you play again at Life is Beautiful we cant wait!!! my third time seeing you guys, worth it every time 🏽

Michael S French
over 1 year

So glad you could make The life is beautiful show!!! It will be the right setting this time... But I have to say the show you gave us 1 st time still was unique in that small area... Thank you for doing that show, my wife and I will always Cherish meeting you guys. I’m so excited...🕺🏼🎉

Daisy Brito
over 1 year

Ohhhmyyygawddd!!! Just what I needed to see ✨🙌🏽😃

Dannie Guerrero
over 1 year

Just saw you and stoked to do it again!