I'm so excited to see them! They'll be in Jacksonville, FL tomorrow and this will be my first concert ever! Their journey has completely inspired me through the most tumultuous times and helped me lift myself when I wandered too far from my life path onto a road of obsolete darkness with very few resources and no helping hands. Their music helped me rise against my odds and pull my life together and into a better direction.
I struggled with alcoholism, manic depression, domestic violence abuse, poverty, homelessness and health problems all at one time for a while. It was a hell of an experience and seemed like the ride was a never-ending cycle but I broke free. Their music propelled me into freeing myself because it aids in freeing the mind and healing the soul. Thank you SO MUCH ODESZA for sharing the love you bring with the magic you create! I thought I'd never be able to dream again and my voice had been shut out. I thought I wasn't the same person anymore. I broke down. At times I felt I didn't want to or could not live any longer. Their music got me back to singing again.. dancing again.. playing my instruments again.. writing music again..eventually performing and picking up where I left off before

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about 2 years

No problem man just speaking from the heart. Seeing them was completely mind blowing! I attended the concert alone and it definitely was a life changing experience. I didn't want any distractions or anyone taking anything away from it.I hope you can get all you can out of it too brother. I appreciate the love! Thanks!

Juan Ramos
about 2 years

Thank you for sharing this, this is amazing