"Higher Ground" holds a special place for us on A Moment Apart. When songs come together as seamlessly and quickly as this one did it's truly a special experience.
Take a look into how the track came together during a writing trip we went on to Lake Chelan.

Watch the full video: https://odesza.co/hg-bts

Directed & Edited by: Kusanagi

Main Camera: Steve Conry, Kusanagi, & Dan Sanford

Additional Live camera shots by:
Andrew Franks
Kyle Seago
Jasper Newton
& Motion State

Still photography by: Daniel Zetterstrom

Drone shot provided by: Uly Rosales

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Payton Heinze
10 months

Waiting for the music video!

Alice Catherine
11 months

Such an amazing song!

Johnny Varakuta
11 months

Honestly my all time favorite song!

Noe Ramos
11 months

Love it!!