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"Higher Ground" holds a special place for us on A Moment Apart. When songs come together as seamlessly and quickly as this one did it's truly a special experience.
Take a look into how the track came together during a writing trip we went on to Lake Chelan.

Watch the full video: https://odesza.co/hg-bts

Directed & Edited by: Kusanagi

Main Camera: Steve Conry, Kusanagi, & Dan Sanford

Additional Live camera shots by:
Andrew Franks
Kyle Seago
Jasper Newton
& Motion State

Still photography by: Daniel Zetterstrom

Drone shot provided by: Uly Rosales

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Payton Heinze
3 months

Waiting for the music video!

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Alice Catherine
4 months

Such an amazing song!

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Johnny Varakuta
4 months

Honestly my all time favorite song!

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Noe Ramos
4 months

Love it!!