Its been an absolute honor to perform at Red Rocks, and 2018 was our favorite yet! After an incredible 4 years in a row, we won’t be returning to Red Rocks in 2019, but we’ve got something big in the works. Stay tuned 😎⬡😎⬡😎

Directed by Kody Kurth // Profectum Media

Camera Team:
Jasper Newton
Kody Kurth
Kate Lowell
Steve J. Roberts
Clyde Bessey

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almost 2 years

Love you guys!

almost 2 years

FFF!!!!! Please. Pretty pretty please let it be OdeszaFest!!!!

Taylor Cline
almost 2 years


Amanda Haataia
almost 2 years

Foreign Family Festival at the Gorge! Went to a Pretty Lights two day festival at the gorge and it was amazing! Definitely worth flying/driving there, no matter where you are

almost 2 years

FFF! foreign family festival! this would be so big!!! I'm volunteering right now

Jessie Aldridge
almost 2 years

Denver and all of the big CO loves you so whatever you have planned we know it’s gonna be so so so good

Kiley Harvey
almost 2 years

goosebumps. I need more.

almost 2 years

OMG. GOOSEBUMPS FROM THE FIRST SECOND TO THE LAST ❤️ So excited to see what you beautiful souls have planned, but today really sucks knowing this 😭😩

almost 2 years

Can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you for everything so far 💙

almost 2 years

Foreign Family Festival

almost 2 years

oh man. blessed to have been ablr to catch these shows. so super excited for what's to come! ahhhhh! 😍

Joshua Dean
almost 2 years

What Emma said...

Emma Shulfer
almost 2 years

Foreign family festival.... dreams can come true

almost 2 years


almost 2 years

Tell us y’all will be playing at The Gorge!!

almost 2 years

What will top the Red Rock experience?!?!