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Texas, this was tough for us to keep a secret for so long, but we are very excited to announce that we will be bringing the A Moment Apart Tour to Dallas and Houston this Fall!
Pre-sale starts Tuesday at 10AM CT with password: APART. Tickets for all other shows available now.
Also incredibly excited to announce that our friends Jai Wolf and EVAN GIIA will be joining us on all 6 shows on this run!

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justin barto
2 months

are u effing kidding me!?!? I never even heard of the band until I heard it on Forza soundtrack and then I was hooked! but then I just now saw that I just missed ur show in Lincoln Nebraska! me n my wife will definitely be going if ya make it back this way next year!

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3 months

Please come back to Santa Barbara!

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Cyndi De Leon
3 months

Can’t wait for y’all to be in Dallas ! Can y’all pls play everything at your feet 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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4 months

Man am I literally like the only Arkansan here? 😂 I'm super excited!!!!!

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Lily Satz
5 months

come to seattle!!!

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5 months

I was so sad when I thought you guys were skipping HTX this tour. Now I’m overjoyed that I’ve got my pre-sale tix for 10/11/18!!! Much love!

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5 months

Can’t wait!!!!!!!

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5 months

🎺🎧💎can’t wait for this I’ve waited patiently thank you!!!!

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5 months

I will see y’all in Dallas!

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Julia Hankins
5 months

I thought the only way I would see y’all is ACL but hello Dallas!!!😭😍

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5 months

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. Wondering why Austin was the only one. I’m so grateful 🤗

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Natalie Marie Payne
5 months

Yes!! This year is going to be the best birthday weekend ever! 💗🎉🎉🎈🎈