We had so much fun revamping this song with our brother Golden Features for the live set. Its been incredible seeing you all react to it live and we are so excited to finally release a studio version as part of the deluxe edition of AMA.

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Chris Waychoff
9 months

@Michael Proulx @joshsbolling It’s “Memories That You Call - Odesza & Golden Features VIP Remix off the Deluxe Edition A Moment Apart Album. I LOST MY MIND when they played this at Red Rocks, and I had never heard it before. Still lose it when I hear it!

Michael Proulx
10 months

Yes what is the name of this track?

11 months

What’s the name of this track?

11 months

That goofy little dog driving the car made me so happy

11 months

When can I find this on iTunes?

11 months

This track fcking GOES