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Last night was an experience I won't forget ! Odesza, I'm not sure if you read these post but you guys should know that your music touches your fans in a way no other music can... I had conversations with people in the crowd last night about how they can feel the music you guys make in their veins! I can go to say you're music has kept me positive and happy since the first time I've heard you guys .. I saw you in Amsterdam and I saw you in New York City ! Both shows were absolutely amazing and very unique! I left both times in the happiest mood I've been in my life. Thank you guys for making music we all can feel.. We appreciate you!

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about 3 years

one of my favs from Summer's gone !

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about 3 years

Agreed!!^^^ well put.

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about 3 years

This is spot on. I hope they read this post, because we all FEEL the music in our veins. I can honestly say that their music is better than anything I can imagine. I mean yeah sure sex and drugs make you feel good for a day but ODESZA makes you feel good FOR LIFE! 🙃