i'm here to hit you guys up with some more cliché questions-- what are your favorite 2-3 songs off each ODESZA album? what are your favorite remixes? for me it's something along these lines:

Summer's Gone: I Want You, We Were Young, IPlayYouListen

In Return: All We Need, Kusanagi, Memories That You Call

A Moment Apart: Boy, Line of Sight, Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings

Other: My Friends Never Die, One Day They'll Know - Pretty Lights (ODESZA remix), Divinity - Porter Robinson ft. Amy Milan (ODESZA remix), IPlayYouListen Live, Something About You - Hayden James (ODESZA remix), It's Only VIP remix, Memories That You Call VIP remix, Loyal (specifically the Coachella 2015 version BRONKO), and the Falls Reprise

really i love all their songs but yeah lmao

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Christian Buckner
about 1 year

Summers Gone: Don’t Stop, I Want You, We Were Young

In Return: Kusanagi, Sundara, Always This Late

A Moment Apart: Boy, Thin Floors Tall Ceilings, Meridian

Others: IPlayYouListen, Hey Now, One Day They’ll Know (ODESZA Remix), Keep Her Close, Something About You (ODESZA Remix), and Tuytus

about 1 year

Summer's Gone: I Want You, Today, IPlayYouListen

In Return: Always This Late, It's Only, Sun Models

A Moment Apart: literally all of them, though Across The Room is #1

Others: Divinity (ODESZA Remix), It's Only VIP, One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)

Luis San Martin
about 1 year


Beat Connection - Saola (ODESZA remix)
Big Girls Cry - Sia (ODESZA remix)
Sun Models - VIP Remix (Red Rocks 2018)