Headed to the Forest 🌲✨

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heather bennett
4 months

Stumbled into set.. (newb) fell in love with myself .. let go of some uniforms, trauma, and found my soul again. Thx for helping me finally come home ..

7 months

Listening to you right now and still thinking of the magic in the Forest! ❤️

8 months

Electric Forest was unreal!!! That set was unforgettable🤙🏼

9 months

Forest was amazing in every way but ODESZA stole the show 💚

Kaitlin Demonbreun
9 months

I love you ❣️ what am amazing performance

Cinde Elston1
9 months

so jealous I couldn't make it. you guys are the bomb!

Devon Hutchinson1
9 months

You guys KILLED IT 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Steven Hyland
9 months

Steven Hyland

Michael Ing
9 months

My Wife and I are sad we cant see you this year! We are on our honeymoon in Germany thinking about you guys and the amazing show you will put on to even top 2017 Electric Forest when we saw you guys last. Hope you are having a blast! Happy Forest!!✌

Amanda Berry
9 months

See you there!!

9 months


Sara Myers
9 months

Meeeee too! See you there 💜