Okay... so I met this guy.

charming, witty, lively, optimistic, funny, daring, and honestly someone I could actually see myself dating.

We’ve been courting for about two weeks and he doesn’t know Odesza....

I know I know! But there is still hope he falls in love with the mystical sound and we are actually compatible.

What song should I show him first? Any advice LMFAO MOST DRAMATIC POST EVR

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7 months

Bloom off their album In Return. That or Line Of Sight 😃

7 months

It’s only 💧 It’s only 🔥 It’s only ❤️

8 months


Eric Blitzer
8 months

I’d try iPlayYouListen

8 months

A Moment Apart. It’s such a unique song that has all aspects of what I think Odesza’s sound is capable of. It’s everything in one. Good luck!

Sydney Parsley
8 months

Thanks girl

Nadia L Gonzalez Ortiz
8 months

Whichever one you pick, good luck and best vibes!