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Hey guys! Amidst all the Corona Chaos, I wanted to make a watch list of some of my favorite ODESZA videos on Youtube! It’s a fun little collection of random ODESZA facts, stories, funny clips and interviews. It’s really cool to see how their live production has grown into what it is today. The videos are in chronological order. So relax, get comfy with those quarantine snacks, and enjoy! 🙂

1.) ODESZA at KEXP Seattle, 2014
Intimate interview and performance of tracks from Summer’s Gone*
(my personal favorite ODESZA video)

2.) ODESZA x USDtv, 2014
Fun facts about the duo and the start of the project

3.) Day Out With ODESZA, 2014

4.) ODESZA Behind the Scenes with Pandora, 2015
A look back into the In Return World Tour

5.) Chewing the fat with ODESZA, 2016

6.) ODESZA at Roskilde, 2016
Fun interview by Red Bull

7.) Inside ODESZA’s creative process with Native Instruments, 2017
A look into the rainy Pacific Northwest, Clay and Harrison go in depth about how our favorite songs originate.

8.) ODESZA at Fuji Rock, 2018
ODESZA does Japan!

9.) ODESZA at Lollapalooza Argenina, 2019

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