Each week during the Fall tour we'll be posting behind-the-scenes videos by our good friend and guitar player Sean Kusanagi. Here's a look at rehearsals and our first show of the tour in New Orleans.

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over 5 years

I'm from Ft Lauderdale, FL and am counting the days until I fly to Denver to fulfill 2 major dreams of mine: to see you guys play LIVE and at a venue I've wanted to go to forever: RED ROCKS!!!! 💖😎👍🏼 Airline, hotel and concert tickets in hand already!!!! 👍🏼😉👏🏼

Muizz Adeni
over 5 years

We need more of this

over 5 years

I fall in love every time I hear your music. You guys were my first show ever and I am so glad I can say that. my boyfriend and i see you every time you come through Oregon!

over 5 years

That color grading was on point!