I feel like everyone here just feels it. I can't really explain why, but their music is just magical and it kinda touches you in a way that even you can't describe. Anyone else?

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Emma Blue
over 5 years

In my soul and in my heart.

torch fontana
over 5 years

I couldn't agree more. A friend introduced them to me when I really needed to hear something rib cage soul exploding at a time when I divorced my wife of 13 years. So many times I have been brought to tears of joy.

I flew to Denver from Portland to see them at red rocks with a friend, tragically our tickets were hacked. Fast forward 6 months and they are playing in Portland next Friday, and the same friend is flying back here to see them for our redemption show. So incredibly excited just aren't the words.

over 5 years

So much yesssss

over 5 years

beautifully said. i couldn't agree more✨✨

over 5 years

Yes yes yes yessssss

over 5 years

Not a single person i've met dislikes odesza, these sounds work wonders

over 5 years

Right. I think once you click on the app and look at what everyone is saying, and you know you're not alone in how you feel about Odesza, it almost feels like home

over 5 years

me x1109000