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wtf is a Dez Head and who started this? lol

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about 3 years

What does it mean?

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about 3 years

Guys keep this name to yourself only, please. I have no idea who came with that but I defo mind it and wouldn't wanna be called that

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about 3 years

^^ yup yup pretty much that's how it all started #DEZHEADS đź’ś

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about 3 years

What it means?

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about 3 years

We all made it after they live streamed .. We stood in the chat and made up a new family name .. And we all love each other lol

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about 3 years

Yeah we just established it

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about 3 years

It's the fanbase name

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about 3 years

I'm guessing you just woke up. its our new name. started from the Livestreams chat.