Hey everyone, want to share a song called Best thing from Louis Vivet with you all.

These two guys make progressive house music and they go by the name Louis Vivet.

Best thing is a 5 minutes song that features a sweet voice from female singer Gavrielle. I like how Louis Vivet uses the vocals which wins the listener's heart as soon as they hear it.

The sensual voice backed up by lyrics - full of hope and love, they take the listeners to a journey until the breakdown of the song followed by a beautiful melody that truly captivates everyone.

Listen here - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nxlZ0th6Vg8

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over 5 years

Yo! It's a free download. You can download from their SoundCloud.

over 5 years

Yo thanks for the awesome share! I went straight to soundcloud and added it to my likes haha