This "Dez Head" thing is not what I signed up for. We aren't another statistic. We aren't going to be another group that makes up a name for themselves. We are real human beings that love REAL music! For real though, I see ODESZA as the modern day "Bach" or "Beethoven" We are a mofo Family.

P.S. Normally I don't like to put others down but I can't let the name "Dez head" be put on top of me, and others. It's feels dirty, you know!?

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over 5 years

Ah yeah! Totally agree with this. I don't need a name for my love to Odesza

over 5 years

Why do I need any other special name to let anyone know that I'm their fan? We became their fan because of their wonderful music and the name Odesza gives us enough identity. If Odesza isn't giving us another special name then who are we to call us "dez head"? A name which is already causing problems with the fans from last couple of days. Only Odesza name will be our identity in the present and as well in the future.

over 5 years

I recognize a FR-S when I see one!! Great taste bro! I used to have a black one too! But now I have a blue one

over 5 years

I agree, dez head is dumb, and so is arguing about it and then saying you're not. I hope today is the last day of these posts, i want to see positive posts about music and things alike.

over 5 years

We aren't a statistic. We ARE a family. The odesza family. And it's wonderful! It's not a label, just a way of saying you're a fan of odesza without having to say it. If you don't like it, don't use it!