I'm thankful for this app it helps me whenever I am stressed and can't handle my something, I get to come here and be with my Odesza fam and escape reality for a little and see amazing videos, pics, posts. I love the feeling of relief Odesza gives me and I am so THANKFUL for this app and all the beautiful people on here. Thank you fam and Odesza for helping keep my head up and get through my day! I LOVE YOU ALL❣

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Emma Blue
over 4 years

Amen! I just wrote my first novel to the soundtrack of Odesza :)

over 4 years

join the Odesza Family on Facebook too 😙

Kerstie Larson
over 4 years

Amen 🙌

over 4 years

I'm really enjoying this app and I can't wait to see how far it goes. And it's awesome to be able to connect with others that enjoy their music