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yo fam it's dropping at noon tomorrow. Be prepared to sell your kidneys on the black market because it's apparently supposed to be around 150-180$

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about 3 years

Do people in USA play hockey? I didn't know this 😱

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Emma Blue
about 3 years

Perfect for my hockey practice in Florida... Getting ready to bootleg some geometric bikinis...

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about 3 years

^^^ I also agree

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Jessica Santillan
about 3 years

^^^ I agree

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Nate LeCompte
about 3 years

There should be a special discount for app users 🙏🏻

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Amy Bernicchi
about 3 years

For reallll ugh I slacked on the beanies and I told myself not to slack on this but......

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about 3 years

I might have to break the bank for this one