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To top off this name that people claim we should call the Odesza fans with "Dez Heads" is it right. Not trying to be negative here but I don't want to label this whole fan base on a name that we chose. These nicknames need to choose themselves, not selected by us. Preferably l, I'd rather have Clay and Harrison choose one if they decide they want to.

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Jackie Catnip Castro
almost 3 years

Totally agree but I don't think it should even be a big deal if we do or don't have a name. We love them and they love us, what is so difficult.

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Emma Blue
almost 3 years

It works when you work it.

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almost 3 years

I'm glad to see us being very politically correct. I hadn't heard Dez heads before but i do like the ring it has, though I think I identify more with the term odesza professa

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almost 3 years

I mean I'm not saying it in a negative way I just think a name for Odesza fans shouldn't be chosen by us. I don't use it to classify us and in no way am I trying to start a debate about this. I'm just voicing my opinion ya hear?

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Natalia Marinna
almost 3 years

Literally who cares

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Nate LeCompte
almost 3 years

Agreed with Geo. the name doesn't have to catch and if people don't like it that's fine, it was just a way to bring us together. What matters is that we're the Odesza family whether we have a name or not. Coming together and sharing a love of great music is what counts.

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almost 3 years

I think I speak for those like me here. "Dez Heads" was never meant to be a label put on fans. It started as a fun way to show that we all were intoxicated with how amazing Odesza is. The saying wasn't meant to be pushed on to other fans, it just gave us a way to bring each other together. It's ok if you don't like it, just don't use it. I think that everyone took this the wrong way. Of course we are the Odesza family, and we should bring that atmosphere, not "hate" on it.