THANK YOU, CHICAGO! Recap video of our two shows at Aragon Ballroom on Nov 21 by Brant Hawkins.

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Nathaniel McCoy
about 4 years

Y'all opened up with your remix of open wound that night. Couldn't have picked a better opener!

over 4 years

The show was amazing! So glad I was able to go and can't wait to see you guys again!

over 4 years

This is my fav vid

over 4 years

I get goosebumps every time I watch this video💕💕💕💕

over 4 years

Had tickets and had to sell them for financial reasons. Some shit called adulting. Broke my heart.

over 4 years

I hope to see you guys much sooner than March

over 4 years

When will you be back???

over 4 years

ok when are you guys coming to Japan!!????
Or should I go to Seattle?!🙌🏻🔮😍
I literally love your Music!!!especially ALL WE NEED!!!!!

over 4 years

so much love ❤️

over 4 years

Best concert I've ever gone to. Me and my friend both caught drumsticks at the early show, and he is actually in the recap video at like 52 seconds :-) Thanks for a phenomenal night guys! Can't wait until I can go to another one of your shows! 🌞

Judi Q1
over 4 years

amazing !!!
just a desire , to see you in true in Paris, L'Olympia :)

Kerstie Larson
over 4 years

No thank YOU! It was an amazing show!!

over 4 years

i can't wait to see you two again. 💗 you guys make me feel like i'm on a cloud 9 ~ thank you.

Karina Herrera
over 4 years

CHILLS!!! I can't wait to see you in LA!! Patiently waiting to experience this all over again!

over 4 years

wish I was there ;-;

Serena Lopez
over 4 years


Vivian L. Perez
over 4 years

you guys always amaze me each time i see you two! thank you for your incredible music💖